Portfolio management and Asset Allocation

CapitalsLimited has perfected the art and science of selecting and overseeing a group of investments that meet the long-term financial objectives and risk tolerance of an Individual investor, a company, or an institution. We employ active portfolio management which requires strategically buying and selling stocks and other assets in an effort to beat the broader market. During uncertain market conditions we tend to use Passive portfolio management and seek to match the returns of the market by mimicking the makeup of a market direction thereby retaining investors funds,

How do we guarantee profitable returns?

Portfolio management requires the ability to weigh strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats across the full spectrum of investments. The choices involve trade-offs, from debt versus equity to domestic versus international and growth versus safety. We put these elements in the right place in order to guarantee profits:

  • Mix of assets provides balance and protects against risk
  • creating a basket of investments that provides broad exposure within an asset class
  • Rebalancing by selling high-priced securities and putting that money to work in lower-priced and out-of-favor securities

Asked Questions

What payment option do i have for promo?

CapitalsLimited Investments has the sole right to choose the currency to which they will give out a promo. it will always be in one of the accepted payment cryptocurrencies

How can i change my portfolio package?

Making a fresh deposit into a new investment package will automatically change your portfolio management and income into that of the new package. Also, if you let your ROI compound and reach another investment plan limit, you will automatically be upgraded into that plan.

Why does CapitalFX accept only cryptos during Account funding??

CapitalsLimited accepts only cryptocurrencies as payment options because it makes it easier to process payments without having to deal with so many fiat currencies and their rates.

Can i choose to withdraw only capital

No. You are allowed to withdraw your earnings except if you wish to close your investment portfolio, then you can withdraw both Capital and Earnings.

Are NFTs really the new gold?

Yes, NFTs are currently the most profitable investment instrument but not yet as reliable as stocks, bonds, real estate and cryptocurrency investments. Earngrowthfunds secures investors' capital through a healthy diversification and asset analysis.