How do we guide investors?

Through efficient Recordkeeping, CapitalsLimited is able to give an investor, company or financial institute a well detailed overview of their past investments, risk levels, historical market preference, their most favorable industries and investment instruments from the past years of investment. This we do weekly, monthly, yearly depending on the clients preference. It can give an investor an overview of how to go about setting up an investment account and choosing an investment package.

Types of Record-Keeping employed by CapitalsLimited

CapitalsLimited keeps records of every activities concerning portfolio management of an investor. We do so by:

  • recording details of all purchases and sales of securities
  • making copies of trade confirmations for three years
  • record of account statements and trade confirmations to make sure they accurately reflect the date
  • price
  • and type of security bought or sold
  • recording certificate number of any security we bought or sold

Asked Questions

What Asset classes are contained in my portfolio?

Your portfolio investment and management are diversified across many markets and industries thereby ensuring maximum profits are accrued on a daily basis. Contact us through email or LiveChat for more details. Your asset classes are but are not limited to Stocks, Bonds, Real Estate, Minerals, Cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and Start-Ups.

Does referral commission automatically gets added to my investment income?

Yes, it doesn't stay separate as a referral commission. However, you can go to your referral menu in your account menu and see all your referral Income records. Also your referrals can be seen through the page too.

Do I continue to earn referral commission as long as I continue to refer people?

Yes, CapitalsLimited Investments will always pay you referral commission on every deposit made by your downline deposit.

What currency can I withdraw?

You are allowed to withdraw your income through any cryptocurrency wallet of your choice. Note: Before proceeding to the withdrawal page you ought to have added your wallets through the wallets page in your account menus.