I must say I'm by a thousand yards impressed by the profitability, low cost and constant fund availabilty for withdrawal.

Charles August


CapitalsLimited has helped raise a lot of money from just $5000 to $30,000 under just 2 months. Now, i have paid of my mortagage and bought myself a new home.

Anthony James

Digital Marketer

Thank you so much for making me become a property owner. Who would've thought the $10,000 I invested will grow to $50,000 within 3 months? And withdrawing my funds is so much easier than I thought.

Richard Kowalski

Civil Engineer

Good Experience I have been using capital limited for many years now. I've never had a problem with any transaction, I've always been able to get my money, and the trading fees are the lowest in the industry. Compared to the incredibly high fees of competitors, Capital Limited is a pretty good deal when it comes to trading.

Lee Chan


I'm very glad to be with a group of people who understand what it is to be part of something that is different from everything else in the financial services industry

Oliver Campbell

FX Trader

I'm the first in my family to build my home. Now I can have my family come over. I can do Thanksgiving dinners. Those things are very important to me.

Karim Jover


It's nice to have the money to do the things you want to do when you're retired, and it'd be nice to pass something on to our children.


Bitcoin Miner

Because of my nerdy interest in personal finance, I've done the research for myself. And for me, the low fees, the ease of use, and the automation all point to CapitalTradesLtd.


Stock trader

If I'm talking to someone and they say, "Oh, I already deal with CapitalTradesLtd," then I know we have something in common. Not only from a financial services standpoint but also from, you know, a thought process as to, you know, how to go about life and how to plan for things.

Chase Laura

Real Estate Agent

I and the other investors, the other customers, own the company, so they have to keep us happy.

Kathleen Venny


Never had issues with Capital Limited I've been involved in investing for a long time now. At Capital Limited, they actually have a support team that will help if required. deposit/withdrawals are really quick. Would be more pleasant if we could deposit/withdraw fiat for free though like. Nonetheless I have great respect for Capital limited

John paul


Capital is an Excellent Platform. I have only good things to say about Capital and their customer service is the best. Great Platform!

Saverio Albano


Frequently asked questions

Read our most asked questions about CapitalsLimited, investments, activities and financial markets. Feel free to contact us for more inquiries if these FAQs doesn't answer your questions.

What payment option do i have for promo?

CapitalsLimited Investments has the sole right to choose the currency to which they will give out a promo. it will always be in one of the accepted payment cryptocurrencies

How do I withdraw my promo rewards?

You can withdraw it the same way you withdraw your investment income. Promos are credited directly into your portfolio Earnings.

How many portfolios can i have?

Every investor is entitled to one portfolio except if you choose to add another one which must be an organizational portfolio containing at least an investment fund of $10,000.

How can i change my portfolio package?

Making a fresh deposit into a new investment package will automatically change your portfolio management and income into that of the new package. Also, if you let your ROI compound and reach another investment plan limit, you will automatically be upgraded into that plan.