How does CapitalsLimited Account Management work?

We assign expert account managers to each investors' account who is responsible for the day-to-day management of a particular investor's account. Our account managers often adjust their focus depending on the investor’s particular situation, and how satisfied that investor is with their current account status. The account manager would frequently serve as a combination customer service representative, technical specialist, and financial advisor to the investor thereby bringing information to the investor first-hand and bridging the gap between investors and our company.

Account Managers Roles

Our account managers may be in charge of a number of smaller accounts or may instead focus on a few larger accounts. They carry out their jobs efficiently by:

  • Account managers ensure that investors feel satisfied
  • Account managers work closely with the sales team to ensure that it is clear what investment instruments the investors has purchased and it fit the investor's needs
  • the account manager may also serve as a liaison or go-between with other teams or staff members who may have some relation to or impact on the investor’s account

Asked Questions

How do I withdraw my promo rewards?

You can withdraw it the same way you withdraw your investment income. Promos are credited directly into your portfolio Earnings.

How many portfolios can i have?

Every investor is entitled to one portfolio except if you choose to add another one which must be an organizational portfolio containing at least an investment fund of $10,000.

When can I withdraw my referral commission?

You can withdraw it immediately after you earn it. It is automatically added to your investment income.

How can I participate in Referral Commission?

It's quite easy, once you go to your dashboard, go to profile, then copy your Affiliate link. Next, invite someone by sending them that link you copied. Once this person clicks on the link, registers and eventually makes a deposit, you will receive a referral commission. You will continue to earn as long as he/she continues to invest with the company.