Tax Management service for investors

Paying taxes is an essential part of business operations. It’s also a complex process requiring strict adherence to federal, state and local laws. Monitoring tax laws is critical to maintaining an organization’s bottom line. If payments are off, unexpected penalties and interest may occur, potentially triggering an audit, which could generate additional headaches. Complying with evolving laws in addition to operating a business can feel like a monumental task.

How can we help Manage your Taxes?

CapitalsLimited charges a service fee which is used in clearing of an investors tax after income and other organizational operations. This ensures that investors and business are safe from wrath of law while reaping the fruits of their labor. Our Tax managers work year-round to minimize investors and organizations’ audit risk. They do this by building and maintaining tax strategies, preparing and filing investors and organization’s tax returns, and staying up to date on new tax legislation. Including the newest tax laws in their tax strategies helps our tax management team minimize their investors’ audit risk and helps our investors not to overpay taxes by identifying every available tax deduction. Earngrowthfunds makes sure investors does not underpay its taxes due to a tax law change as well, which could lead to penalties or worse.

  • Give us persmission
  • Send your previous tax reports
  • Choose a preferred taxation system

Recently Asked Questions

Are NFTs really the new gold?

Yes, NFTs are currently the most profitable investment instrument but not yet as reliable as stocks, bonds, real estate and cryptocurrency investments. Earngrowthfunds secures investors' capital through a healthy diversification and asset analysis.

Can i choose to withdraw only capital

No. You are allowed to withdraw your earnings except if you wish to close your investment portfolio, then you can withdraw both Capital and Earnings.

What currency can I withdraw?

You are allowed to withdraw your income through any cryptocurrency wallet of your choice. Note: Before proceeding to the withdrawal page you ought to have added your wallets through the wallets page in your account menus.